Mobile Patrols

  • Random and scheduled patrols
  • Fully trained and licensed
  • Significantly reduces crime
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Manned Construction Site Security

Many properties need regular checks. Mobile patrols are performed to ensure that your premises are safe and secure, also acting as a deterrent to crime and vandalism. Our highly trained supervisors will attend your premises at the times designated by yourself or at random intervals to carry out a patrol, monitoring and recording any unusual activity on site.

This patrol checks whether your property is safe, while also checking for attempted break-ins or any unusual behaviour on site, random patrols reduce the risk of criminals learning a security routine. All of our officers all meet the latest Security Industry Authority (SIA) requirements and are fully trained in their area of security making them experts at what they do, if they were to find anything out of the ordinary or unusual they would report this to the designated person and follow the procedure set ensuring that your premise is secure and not at risk.

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Commercial Keyholding

We are able to safely hold any keys for your premises. Allowing us to securely store your keys means that you are never put in the situation of lost keys or not being able to gain access. We can be at your premises quickly to resolve any issues, allowing your business to run smoothly and hassle free. Keyholding also lets us gain access to your premises when it’s not possible for you to be around.

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